Rhinoceros Graphic Novel: Vol 1

Rhinoceros Graphic Novel: Vol 1

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Calva Louise

Rhinoceros Graphic Novel: Vol 1

I Heard A Cry
I'm Gonna Do Well
Tug of War
No Hay
Getting Closer
Cruel Girl
Down The Stream
Out Of Use


Louise can see something that she can't explain. She feels like another world exists in the same place where she stands: our world.

She can hear sounds from the ruins of a castle, a cry far away, from someone fighting, in a strange way. She falls through the ruins and that's when she understands she is hearing the deep feelings of the young.

While they seem to do well, they're living in fear. In her world, she's learned about an outrageous virus and how and why it has been implanted in our world through safety operating systems, to offer us a comfortable life style.

104 pages, full color, 21x21cm

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